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Riya Enterprise

Riya Enterprises Designer Bronze Resin Wash Basin (14-inches)

Riya Enterprises Designer Bronze Resin Wash Basin (14-inches)

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<p><strong>Riya Enterprises presents wash basin which is made of resin and is multicoloured.</strong></p> <ul> <li>The size of this product is (13.5INCH x 13.5INCH approx). It's newly designed to be suitable for decoration.</li> <li>It Comes with bathroom Wash Besin stand. .Easy to install and requires no drilling.</li> <li>Easy to clean and install.</li> <li>Please don't use harsh chemicals to clean.Suitable for installation on tiles.</li> <li>Product is made up of Resin .</li> <li>Elegant and Beautiful Refillable Resin Wash Basin .</li> <li>Used for domestic and commercial purposes.</li> <li>it's sure to long last in your bathroom or washroom and home for times to come...Ideal for homes, offices, hospitals, guest houses and hotels alike..</li> </ul>


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