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Riya Enterprise

Riya Enterprise Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Folding Towel Rack (1.5 feet)

Riya Enterprise Chrome Finish Stainless Steel Folding Towel Rack (1.5 feet)

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It is a unique product which helps you to hang towel and other clothes. It utilities the bathroom space in a very unique way. It looks simple and elegant. Go forward and buy this product and we looking forward to offer the best in class quality and service. Product being unique just offers you a best way to organize the bathroom and your clothes.

  • It offers some basic quality like, keeping towel free from being wet and placing it in a good manner through which it can be well utilized.
  • We as a reputed seller offer you the bathroom accessories in chrome finish with stainless steel material which gives high strength and durability.
  • It utilizes the space. Innovative towel rack gives us an excellent idea to roll onto the practice of making things work in our favor.
  • Simply buy any one of these right way and explore a more convenient way.
  • Each kid can have their color towels as well as keep your kids bathroom more organized.
  • No blaming the wet towel on the floor on your sibling or spouse there.
  • Towel rack that is used in bathroom to hang towels and other clothes.
  • The offered towel rack is acknowledged for its stylish design.
  • Chrome finish with stainless steel material for long last shine and strength. Rust and corrosion proof.


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